What's Paese Ambiente

Morigerati, in the province of Salerno, was the first small town in the Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Mounts Alburni National Park to propose the experience of widespread hospitality (Paese Ambiente) to the guests. Surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape made of Mediterranean scrubs, in Morigerati you can enjoy a quiet atmosphere and a genuine hospitality.
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Events in Morigerati

During the year, many events take place in Morigerati organized by the town centre. Concerts, performances, country festivals and more.
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What to see in Morigerati

Morigerati e Siciĺ offers many cultural and naturalistic attractions, between them, you can visit its well preserved medieval old towns, admire the resourgenge of the Bussento river at the Oasis WWF and learn about Morigerati history and customs at the Ethnographic Museum.
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Where to eat in Morigerati

In Morigerati e Siciĺ you can enjoy traditional local dishes made with zero miles products.
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Morigerati and Sicilì by bike

Both in Morigerati and Sicilì is available the system of bike sharing at their respective bike stations, to enjoy the landscape and discover the paths moving in an environmentally-friendly way.